Ahead of their ‘Permission to Dance’ stage in LA, BTS opened up about their success, music, and performances in a press conference.

By now, we’re all used to equating BTS with multiple records broken and awards won. Just this month, they became the first Asian act to win Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards and also picked up a historic second Grammy nomination.

Yet, the group says, they are not trying to set a standard for success. Speaking at a press conference ahead of their ‘Permission to Dance On Stage – LA’ concert – their first in-person performance in two years – J-Hope said: “I try not to set a standard for success.”

“If I set a standard, I end up becoming more tired both mentally and physically as I try to reach that goal. So instead of setting a standard, I think that the results of my hard work will show up if I do what I do best and try to feel satisfied with my life and my current situation. So I try not to get too hung up on those things. That’s how I keep my composure and build myself.” he continued.

The group also reflected on their recent historic achievements.

“As artists who started out in Korea, I think there are some invisible barriers such as language and the limits of genre, but whenever we came across those barriers, we overcame them with what we do best, which are our performances and songs.” said RM about their AMA win and Grammy nod.

Adding that their ‘achievements never came easily’, Suga said: “It’s not easy to be nominated for the Grammys, but the fact that there’s a barrier to jump over, something to challenge ourselves to, is something I’m thankful for, and I hope we overcome it.”

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