If ever there was a name synonymous with the rock ’n’ roll spirit, then Marshall is it.

Across decades the various masters of the genre have plugged their instruments into the iconic amplifiers with that immediately recognisable signature logo in stacks behind them and taken the masses on a rock ’n’ roll ride for the ages.

Thanks to the reengineered Marshall Homeline Generation III range, that vintage rock ’n’ roll experience can be experienced at home with a sound that will follow you around the room with future-proof capabilities all at your fingertips as you completely immerse yourself in your music.

The new generation of Acton, Stanmore, and Woburn Bluetooth speakers combine a balanced sound across a wider soundstage with crisp, soaring treble and controlled, rumbling bass. Any nearby reflective surfaces that may affect the sound are accounted for by the all-new Placement Compensation feature, while the built-in Dynamic Loudness component adjusts tonal balance, ensuring brilliant sound quality at every volume.  

It’s an easy set-up too – Marshall state that these speakers are ‘straight to business’ so it’s a simple matter of pair-and-play. The features are all there on the unit, including the Bluetooth pairing button, power switch, bass/treble controls, and the control knob so you can easily manage your sound preferences without ever picking up your device.

Of course, Bluetooth technology is not at a standstill, and the Generation III speakers combined with over-the-air updates via the Marshall Bluetooth app ensures these future-proof products are always up to date with the latest software and features.

When the next generation of Bluetooth technology is released, your speaker will be ready for it, delivering the highest audio quality while increasing streaming range and improving audio sync, providing a noticeably better connection when you’re watching video (the Woburn III comes with an HDMI input, allowing you to connect to your TV and utilise the Night Mode feature). 

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Homeline III speakers also feature LE Bluetooth Audio which improves audio quality and allows you to connect to multiple speakers from one device, as well as a Broadcast feature that enables you to broadcast audio to other devices.

The Generation III range encompasses a PVC-free build comprising 70% recycled plastic and only vegan materials. They look damn good too – iconic details such as the Marshall script and brass control knobs are featured, echoing Marshall’s rock ’n’ roll legacy, with a range of finishes to complement the style of your music-listening surrounds. 

Check out the Marshall Generation III range at jbhifi.com.au

Acton III Review

Unboxing a Marshall Acton III speaker is a pleasure from the get-go. It’s compact yet reassuringly sturdy as you lift it out of the box, and once you pull away the foam wrap you can’t help but be drawn to its vintage embrace. 

Marshall, of course, is an iconic amplifier brand that has captivated the imagination of music listeners for decades, so attention to detail when it comes to its range of home speakers is all-important and the Acton III does not disappoint. Featuring faux (vegan) leather with gold trim, brass control knobs, woven fabric at the front of the speaker and the iconic Marshall script, there’s a touch of the mainstage right there in your home. 

The power switch gives an almighty satisfying ‘click’ when turning the speaker on and is very reminiscent of flicking on an actual Marshall amp. There are three equalizers – volume, bass and treble – at the top of the unit with red LED indicators making it easy to adjust the sound for the kind of music you like listening to. 

Through the app you can tune your speaker to your needs and placement in your home, tailoring the speaker’s sound to its surrounds. You’ll also be able to upgrade to the forthcoming Bluetooth 5.2 technology. 

The bass sound is on point, driving that low end for everything from dance beats to rocking rhythm sections, or whether you’re enjoying casual background listening or cranking it up for the party.  

The Marshall Acton III has an outstanding build quality with no visible joins or screws and is a premium looking unit that would star as a retro art piece in any room. It’s a simple and intuitive speaker that has a sound signature worthy of the Marshall name. 

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