Cardi B wants fans to congratulate “the small Black artists” at the Grammy’s, despite The Weeknd and others boycotting the awards ceremony.

Since the Weeknd was unceremoniously snubbed at this year’s Grammy’s he decided against future submissions, joining in a slew of artists unhappy with the judging criteria.

Zayn Malik recently came out with a simple “Fuck the Grammys” on his Twitter page, but has since clarified his comments.

“My tweet was not personal or about eligibility but was about the need for inclusion and the lack of transparency of the nomination process and the space that creates and allows favoritism, racism, and networking (sic) politics to influence the voting process.”

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Among the backlash, Cardi B wants us to see the bigger picture.

“Don’t forget to congratulate the small black artist that got nominated that got overshadowed again cause of the drama. It’s their moment finally!”

Cardi B then listed Freddie Gibbs, Giveon, Brittany Howard, Ant Clemons, Ledisi, Luke James, Thundercat, Chika, Jean and Marcus Baylor and more as artists she was proud of and wanted to highlight.

She wrapped up with “Soo besides all the bullshit let’s not forget to congratulate these artists,” ending with, “this is their moment too and that folks shouldn’t overshadow it cause your favorite might not be on the list.”

Already, her fans criticised her for “getting [her] to damage you relationship with them so you won’t win.” Cardi B responded with “I’m actualy giving props for nominating so many underrated black rappers that people failed to see.”

That is to say, while The Weeknd snub drama was developing, it overshadowed other black artists. One such artist that Cardi B listed, Chika, was grateful for the acknowledgement.

“This was really sweet and super nice of you. sending love & wishing everyone the best of luck! i’m rootinf for everybody black.”

Cardi B is slated to perform onstage at the 63rd Grammy’s, joined by Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Roddy Ricch and Doja Cat. One artist who was nominated for awards but who has reportedly declined to appear is Beyoncé, as reported in Revolt.

The Lemonade singer is up for 9 nominations, and according to Recording Academy Interim Chief Executive Harvey Mason, they absolutely “wish we had her onstage.”

Proof that a Grammy’s snub works both ways?

Check out ‘Up’ by Cardi B:

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