They’ve always said that mother knows best, but now Cenovis is helping to prove that old adage as part of their new Mother Matchmaker series.

How often did you hear advice from your mum growing up? Maybe it was warning you that looks aren’t everything? Or telling you to bundle up so you don’t catch a cold? Sure, we might have scoffed at the advice at the time, but looking back on it now…. maybe mum was actually onto something?

That’s exactly the sort of thinking that has led Cenovis into their newly-launched Mother Matchmaker series. After all, mum has been giving us advice since day one, though whether we listened or not is the question. But the one piece of advice that may have been helpful to follow is to take our vitamins, with Cenovis urging folks to ensure they get their daily dose of mum with their range of vitamin and mineral supplements.

But what if mum’s advice went further than putting on a jumper, or taking your vitamin C? What if she had a say in our personal and romantic lives as well?

Well, the Mother Matchmaker series is turning this notion into a reality, and former Big Brother housemate Chad and Maddie are the first ones to see what it’s like when mum has a say in the world of romance.

As Chad introduces us to his mother, we’re given a good example of what it would be like if mum was in charge of the first date. As Chad’s mum guides him through a dating app, vetoing anyone who doesn’t meet her criteria, it’s clear that the process won’t be a smooth one for him.

“My mum’s ideal daughter-in-law would be someone that can talk to her, because mum loves a chat,” Chad explains with a laugh. “Someone that she can talk to, because she talks under wet concrete.”

But Chad’s mum is simply looking for someone who can train him well, and maybe urge him to pick up around the house a bit. She’s only looking out for him, after all. Hopefully, she thinks Chad has found his match in 25-year-old Maddie. Together, they swipe right, and the first date is planned.

Before long, Chad and Maddie are hitting it off, enjoying the first date at an arcade, and pairing their mutual love of competitive games. But even when they’re alone, mum’s influence isn’t too far away, with Chad bringing out a list of questions from his mum to ask Maddie.

From grandchildren to meal prepping, Chad’s mum leaves nothing out in her questioning, Will that scare off Maddie or does mum really know best?

But how does it go from there? Watch the first episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below and see if mum really does know best!

Either way, the input from Chad’s mum about his date with Maddie is proof-positive of the fact that his mum only wants what’s best for him, and makes us think that maybe our own mums are only giving advice for the same reason? Sure, it’s easy to think her advice and life lessons might be a bit outdated, or that she’s not contemporary enough to give relevant opinions, but it’s clear that mum knows what’s best for you, and that she’s more on the ball than you’d ever think.

If she’s right about your dating life, maybe that means mum was right after all when she told you to take your vitamins? Here’s hoping we won’t have to have her pick out our next partner to find out whether that’s the case or not!

Check out the first episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below, and be sure to head along to their website for more info on the series, and to check out their range of vitamins and supplements.

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