Melbourne four-piece, Kingswood have hit the nail on the head with Change Of Heart, producing a deluxe EP that’s both punchy and polished.

From the outset the first track, ‘She’s My Baby’bursts to life with thrumming guitars and vocals that keep up just as well.

A highlight of this EP is the new single ‘Ohio’, which has classic rock lyrics that were made for a crowd to sing along to. The repeated line “You can stay a little longer, stay a little longer as my heart grows fonder” will be in your head for days.

‘Yeah Go Die’ has been making the rounds on the radio, for a good reason. The band is at its best with gutsy guitars and strong, simple lyrics. The whole track has a kind of racing feel to it, with a sound that would be fairly appropriate as background to a high speed car chase.

The tracks ‘Medusa’ and ‘Sun’ show off the band’s ability to feature different elements in each song. Sometimes the lyrics are in the spotlight, sometimes the vocals are just another musical element along with the other instruments. It’s a testament to how well the band knows its own sound.

The final track of the record is ‘Si, Ande Y Muerte’ (which, before you run to Google Translate, is ‘Yeah Go Die’ in Spanish). It’s a version of the original track with a decidedly Spanish flair. The new ‘flavour’ of the song is surprisingly good, proving that maracas go well with the bluesy-rock of the band.

The EP is well put together and we can only wait to see what the band will put together for its first album.

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