Wilmette have finally debuted the video for their beautifully titled new song ‘Carol From HR’, and you can watch it here in all its red-light glory.

Chicago pop-punk 4-piece on the rise, Wilmette, have at last debuted their new music video for their track ‘Carol From HR’, which has one of the best single tracks we’ve ever read.

The track shreds along with gentle fervour, fusing riotous and reckless guitar play with comforting vocals that will make anyone who is a fan of pop-punk simply swoon. Everyone is at their sonic peak on this one, and you can hear the cohesion that the band has built with each other over their time as an official band.

Meanwhile, the video is awash with glaring red lights, (the best kind of lights around in my opinion), and act to bolster the intensity of the track with mesmerisingly hellish visuals. In the slower moments of the song, we get some warm yellow lights and even splashes of green, making the clip a stimulating feast for the eyes.

The song appears on the band’s latest EP Anxious Body which is out now on Mutant League Records.

Hailing from the Chicago suburbs, Wilmette combines pop-punk and hardcore with a fresh style that relies on pop hooks, honest lyrics, and strong musicianship. The band’s emphatic label debut Anxious Body was produced by Seth Henderson at ABG Studios (Knuckle Puck, Real Friends) and mastered by Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens).

Watch the brand new video for ‘Carol From HR’ by Wilmette below

Bassist/vocalist Peyton Day says, “When we were writing for our EP entitled Anxious Body we wanted to make something that hit hard and instantly grabbed people’s attention. With the help of Seth Henderson of ABG, we were able to make a product that felt full and better than we ever could have imagined it.”