Kris Wu has been detained by Beijing police on suspicion of rape as it’s been alleged that he lured young women into sexual relationships.

As per Billboard, the Chinese-Canadian pop star was detained on Saturday, July 31st, after he was accused by a teenager of having sex with her while she was drunk.

The accuser said that seven other women contacted her to also state that Wu had seduced them, offering jobs and other opportunities. She said some of the women were underage but it’s not known whether they were younger than 14, the age of consent in China.

The Beijing police released a statement on the arrest: Wu has been “criminally detained” on suspicion of rape “in response to relevant information reported on the internet” including that he “repeatedly lured young women to have sexual relations.” The former EXO member has previously denied the accusations, saying “There was no ‘groupie sex’! There was no ‘underage’!” on social media.

Wu’s arrest has dominated the news in China, trending as the most searched topic on Weibo on Saturday night. The People’s Daily, the official paper of the Communist Party, even offered their thoughts on the matter, saying that “Having a foreign nationality is not a protective talisman, and no matter how big the name is, there is no immunity” (Wu is a Canadian citizen).

The teenager in question made her accusations both on social media and in a later interview with the internet portal NetEase. She said that she believed that she was meeting Wu for a career opportunity. She said that Wu’s staff forced her to drink and she quickly got drunk.

The next day, she woke up in Wu’s bed. She said that he had initially been kind to her but he stopped returning her messages later. It was then that she learned that there were other women who had gone through similar treatment, and insisted that there were others who were worse-off.

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