Chris Brown has just released his ‘Breezyverse’ NFT mint which has proven disastrous for him and Twitter can’t stop clowning it.

Chris Brown’s BREEZYVERSE NFT has just been released and the reception has not been great. It was another classic situation of a celebrity desperate to cash in on their audience by promoting an NFT they know nothing about.

The NFT’s website is barebones— featuring a brief pseudo-futuristic hype video above two buttons that gather your payment info all surrounded by flashing lights and cold metallic environments.

The NFTs themselves are all Chris Brown standing on top of a mountain of robot bodies with random environments in the background. Something we all dreamed of owning as children for the low price of 352.99 USD.

“We wanted to give the fans the opportunity to be the owner of the very first NFT from the collection prior to Mint day. This NFT will be one of the rarest in the collection and comes with the Supreme jacket Chris wore in the ‘Go Crazy’ music video.

Auction goes live tomorrow!”

Chris Brown also released his new album BREEZY alongside the NFT drop, presumably for marketing purposes.


At the time of writing this article, the project has sold only 293 of the 10,000 NFTs minted. Chris Brown has 32 million followers on Twitter.


This NFT is one of the rarest in the collection and comes with the Supreme jacket I wore in the ‘Go Crazy’ music video.

Bid here:”

People were quick to point out the artist’s past of abuse.

“Is that the same jacket you got arrested in for beating woman up? That will add some mad value chris?”

Chris Brown continued to try and hype up his project but to no avail. The price of his NFTs is currently .285 ETH, which translates to 352.99 USD at the time of writing this article.

#TEAMBREEZY! THE WHITELIST MINT IS LIVE! Excited for all my fans to get their own @thebreezyverse NFT and join this journey with me. LINK IN MY BIO! Credit Card option is also available.”

One Twitter user aptly identified the failure of this project but instead of highlighting that people are generally wary of celebrity NFT projects, he said that Chris Brown failed because he didn’t have a better marketing agency. This solution might be true, but it doesn’t address why people are wary and instead opts to bull through those concerns.

“The Chris Brown NFT drop may be the worst go-to-market strategy I have ever seen

114 million followers on IG and only 246/10,000 sold

We need Web3 Native NFT Agencies more than ever…”

“Or it’s that people are finally getting smart and catching onto the NFT scams”

“super excited for Chris Brown’s @thebreezyverse NFT drop! I’m sure it’ll be a huge success like Dennis Rodmans or Mike Tysons or Ozzy Osbournes or Rich the Kids or Floyd Mayweathers NFTs and not a cash grabby rug pull at all…”

“It’s because nobody wants Chris Brown NFTs lol. It’s pretty simple. Every other celebrity NfT project has pumped and dumped, why would this be any different.”

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