Following a few years in the studio, Circle Pit have returned with their brand new EP full of songs written in the very early days of the band. 

“After several years in the wilderness, wickedly wayward Circle Pit is back with a new-old EP… written in the early stages of the band’s career, encapsulating them at a reckless, destructive, enlivening and entertaining part of their existence.”

Circle Pit is the seminal experimental glam/scum rock and roll project of Angela Bermuda & Jack Mannix, formed in Sydney in 2007. While touring the states in 2010 to promote their debut LP ‘Bruise Constellation’ (Siltbreeze) they recorded a downer-glam-boogie 4 song EP with Matt Whitehurst from Psychedelic Horseshit in Columbus, Ohio called ‘Wicked Wicked Time’ – four songs spanning indecipherable blues, hair metal, downer country & southern fried boogie rock.

Speaking with Weirdo Wasteland, Jack Mannix says of the record “I don’t think it would sound the way it does if it had been recorded in a different time and place. The band was tighter than ever but this night we were also particularly loose, which is one of my favourite qualities in rock and roll music – that tension between stadium rock and blown-out experimentation.”

This lost record, frozen in time, and the masters possibly lost, is finally seeing the light of day 10 years later in 2020 through Dero Arcade. The incendiary band performing on this record is filled out by Harriet Hudson (Gtr); Al Haddock (Bass) and Owen Penglis (Drums).

Their first release since 2011’s dream-pop ‘Slave/Honey’ 7” (Hardly Art), Dero Arcade’s special pressing of the return of Circle Pit sees four tracks spanning sloppy country, heavy rock ‘n’ roll & indecipherable blues.

Wicked Wicked Time is out now via DERO ARCADE.

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