Sneaking into festivals is a rite of passage, punters are constantly reinventing their methods of swindling. We’ve gone from jumping wire fences to meticulously recreating festival wristbands on Photoshop. One Australian musician has triumphed over all with his latest stealthy scheme. Australian hip hop stalwart Grey Ghost snuck backstage at Coachella by posing as a member of Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service.’

“Craziest and most hilarious day of my life,” Ghost shared on an Instagram post. “Here’s how it went down: woke at 5:30 am, got thru the gates as they opened. Spent a packet on the Church Merch dusty custom top & bottoms.”

“Watched the show in the guest area standing next to the entire Kardashians, Jayden & Willow Smith, Justin Bieber & Idris Elba lol.  Then after the show, I realised that security were pushing back everyone except the band/choir whose outfits were all pretty much the same as the Merch I bought. So I put that shit on quick smart and literally danced into the backstage area with the choir as if I was part of the show.”

Whilst a $225 sweatshirt may seem steep at the point of purchase, we can not deny the return on investment. Ghost ended up kicking it with the ineffable Donald Glover.

Ended up hanging alongside Kanye, Chance The Rapper & Kim K & then got to meet my biggest idol Donald Glover (who was as gracious and cool as you’d expect). I hung out got photos as if I was part of the choir, poured myself a champagne, grabbed a bagel and peaced the fuck out.”

Check out the original post below.

Last week, it was reported that blades of ‘Holy Grass’ from Kanye’s Sunday Coachella Service were being flogged on eBay for $120. Praise be.

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