Dialectrix has released his third solo album The Cold Light Of Day right off the success of his latest EP Satellite.

Unfortunately though, the content of the record is true to its namesake. While the instruments  are used to compliment and add another element to just another Aussie hip-hop song, the lyrics are cold and hard to follow.

Reading through the lyric book,  the musician’s words come across as messy and disjointed, and while the message of the words is pretty interesting and emotional, the lyrics themselves are too busy to make sense of and the meaning just gets lost.

In “Take Flight” the rapper makes one of many references to his days as a labourer when he was better known as Ryan Leaf.  “I’m a tradie in the day and a muso at night,” he raps. The story of tradie to musician is surely an interesting one and it’s understandable that it’s what a lot of his songs are about, but the message comes across a little overdone.

Despite this, the use of interesting music in the background lifts what would otherwise be pretty repetitive, similar songs. The title track begins with a beautiful, melancholy melody that transitions perfectly to Leaf’s rap and adds something a little different to the song, but unfortunately doesn’t save it.

While he’s undoubtedly a talented rapper, the repetitive nature of his lyrics bring him down to the level of your run of the mill Aussie hip-hop act.

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