Keen to get back to concerts because iso is beyond boring? Well, then pop on a space suit, and get ready to jam to your favourite bands live.

We’re all keen to get back to our normal lives, especially us music lovers. This year was going to be stacked, too, with My Chemical Romance headlining Download Festival, Faith No More geared up for a tour this month, and Tame Impala was supposed to do a go-around last month. Then, COVID-19 broke out, seeing us geared up for a very boring year.

Now, we’re trying to get our lives back, and are keen to see restrictions ease so we can get back to our hoppin’ night lives, but many health officials say that proper concerts could be off the cards for a long time to come, as fears arise that easing restrictions too soon could see a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Keen to get it all back sooner? Well, you could see a quicker return of concerts, as a design studio from Los Angeles, California called Production Club has designed a futuristic space suit.

Dubbed as the ‘Micrashell’, the suit not only serves as a rockin’ piece of fashion, but also is equipped with a ventilation system that plays a key role in keeping the virus at bay. Not futuristic enough for you? Just wait – the suit also has a camera, wireless communication system, and even speakers so you can make sure you’re hearing the concert loud and clear.

“With other brilliant minds working on medical-focused measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we wanted to leverage our experience in event production to propose a solution for the events industry. Introducing Micrashell, a suit that allows you to safely socialise in times of pandemic,” Production Club has stated about their design.

Worried about the suit being a bit restrictive when it comes to basic needs? Well, the designer has stated that not only does “Micrashell allows the user to see clearly through a protective shield [and] breathe safely through a filtration system,” but that the wearer can even “drink, vape, have sex, and charge their phone,” meaning you’re all geared up for your raunchy, mid-concert hookup in the grime covered toilets.

Keen to get in on the action? You can check out all the details of the Micrashell via Production Club’s website, and even sign up for emails that’ll update you on its production.