This week’s Tone Countrycast guest Blanco Brown (pictured) shared a special moment with Tim McGraw while in Australia for the recent Country To Country festival.

“I saw a story recently about Blanco Brown growing up in Atlanta, spending summers in the country with his mom and aunty,” McGraw said today on social media.

“He mentioned that ‘Don’t Take The Girl’ was one of the first country songs he was turned onto,” he continued.

“When I heard our paths were finally gonna cross in Australia, I reached out…and this is how it went…. I’m a fan.”

In episode #2 of the Tone Countrycast, Blanco Brown talks about how he created the “TrailerTrap” dance phenomenon ‘The Git Up,’ from the lyrics and musical production through to the dance itself.

He discusses his musical influences as a kid and getting his first record deal at the age of 7.

See Blanco Brown and Tim McGraw share a moment in Australia and perform ‘Don’t Take The Girl’

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Brown tells us what to expect on his album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs (out tomorrow) and how he connects with fans on social media.

He also talks about why he brought the release of ‘The Git Up’ forward following the success of the Little Nas X hit ‘Old Town Road.’

Brown proved at the Country To Country festival that’s he’s most definaetly more than just a one song wonder.

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Check out ‘The Git Up’ by Blanco Brown

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