Brooke McClymont, from The McClymonts is the special guest on the latest episode of the Tone Countrycast with Tim Holland.

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Check out Brooke McClymont on the Tone Countrycast below:

The McClymonts recently released their new album Mayhem To Madness and at debuted at #3 on the ARIA Album Chart and #1 on the ARIA Country Album chart on the weekend.

Like most artists, The McClymonts generally do a big tour around an album release, but had to move their planned tour (originally scheduled to start in May) due to COVID-19.

However, having not put out an album in three years and with such uncertainty as to when things will ultimately get back to normal for touring artists, the mega-trio decided to press on with the album release as originally planned.

“When is this going to end?” says McClymont in the podcast.

“We don’t know… [but] we are ready to go. Let’s do it. We are hoping to get back on the road in September.”

In the podcast, McClymont talks about her experience as a young solo artist, who was still learning about the music industry, to now being a member of Australia’s most successful country group.

“I didn’t have much control of it back then. I was one of these artists who was happy to do whatever I was told to do… I wasn’t steering the ship at all,” she says.

“When the girls and I finally formed as a band, I had learn’t so much from that solo project that I was able to speak up and ask for what I want.”

“But having said that, having the with me, the three of us… you have more confidence … you feel like your voice is being validated when the three of you, whereas when I was on my own, I didn’t speak up as much.”

She also talks about the time Hilary Duff (as Lizzie McGuire) recorded her song.

“I’m so thankful. It paid for our wedding when Adam and I got married!” she says.

The McClymonts’ new album Mayhem To Madness is out now.