Granger Smith is today releasing his first new song since the tragic loss of his son River in June.

The singer of the hit songs ‘Backroad Song’ and ‘You’re In It’ and his wife Amber have been remarkably open with fans throughout the most traumatic period of their life.

“I’ve been sitting here watching the cursor blink trying to figure out how to tell you about this,” he told fans on social media this morning.

“Earlier this year, I promised one song per month and I gave you one in March, April and May. My life changed forever in June and needless to say, I apathetically derailed any career plans and goals. Things I used to think mattered, just didn’t anymore, and other things mattered more than ever.”

Smith says the new single, titled ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ is about “finding peace.”

“[It’s about]Finding yourself. Finding God on a road that’s rough around the edges just like us,” he said.

“It’s about that rural sanctuary we all know so well behind a pair of headlights, a steering wheel and your heavy thoughts.”

Watch Granger and Amber Smith courageously open up to fans following the loss of their son River

While the song isn’t specifically about the loss of his son, he is referenced in the song.

“It’s not about Riv, although I did weave him into the lyrics in the 2nd verse.”

Smith says the despite the tragic events, he’s never considered giving up music.

“I never considered leaving music, (that’s hardwired into me and non-removable),” he said.

“But I did decide to change the way I approached the never-ending anxiety of this business. If you see me on tour, or hear new music, know this: it matters to me.”

In fact, he says ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ has provided him with an element of peace.

“I hope it brings you peace like it has for me,” he concluded.

Listen to ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ by Granger Smith

Granger Smith has toured Australia twice. He played at CMC Rocks QLD in 2017 and returned in 2018 to headline the Groundwater Country Music Festival on the Gold Coast.