Despite the general trend across the recorded music business towards more regular single track and EP releases, mega-star Jason Aldean has pledged to continue to make albums for his fans.

Off the back of his latest album release 9, Aldean says this is what his fans want him to do, so he’ll keep doing it.

“As far as putting out a track here and a track there, I think that sucks,” he says.

“That’s just not the way that I want to make my music. It’s hard to get locked in when you’re only recording a couple of songs. I grew up a fan of going to the record store and buying albums.”

His new album 9 features 16 news songs, half of which were released prior to the full album release.

With all the success Aldean has had, he’s certainly earned the right to record whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Check out ‘We Back’ by Jason Aldean:


As for the new album itself, which features his latest single ‘We Back’, it would be fair to say that this is of the most diverse bodies of work he’s ever recorded.

“The are some songs on the record that are rock and roll orientated, some are a little R&B and then some really traditional songs. Those are my influences. My influences are kinda scattered all over the place,” he says.

“I feel with this album we were able to take it in a lot of different directions. I’m excited for people hear it.”

Jason Aldean’s new album 9 is out now.