Superstars Keith Urban and Kane Brown headline this week’s action packed New Country Friday 5!

Have a listen to these great new tunes.


“’Polaroid’ captures not only a moment, but THE moment. After coming across the photo again, it becomes a portal back in time,” said Urban.

“The night it was taken I didn’t have a clue, that someday I’d be something more than just a boy in a polaroid with you,” he sings.

“I really connected with the song,” said Urban. “I used to have this house that I lived in with a few guys in my band and at some point, someone gave us this Polaroid camera. We used it to take pictures of everybody and everything – crazy stuff that happened. We had all of these different pictures posted on a big board and I so clearly saw that the minute I heard the song.”

This new song will appear on Urban’s soon to be released new album.

Check out ‘Polaroid’ by Keith Urban

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“We wrote ‘Cool Again’ at a writing retreat when it was about 20 degrees outside,” says Brown.

“At the time, it was about missing warm weather, but then it became so much more. It made us think about all the amazing memories of summer. We were really wanting to go back to that. I think there’s something people can really relate to in their lives, especially right now.”

Brown wrote the track with Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Australian’s very own Lindsay Rimes.

Rimes who also co-produced the song with Dann Huff.

Check out ‘Cool Again’ by Kane Brown

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Hunter Kaine, who was briefly the lead-singer for Australian band Deep Creek Road, has today released her debut single as a solo artist, ‘Long Way From Lonely.’

And the tune also features recent Tone Countrycast guest Shane Nicholson! 

Speaking about ‘Long Way From Lonely’, Kaine says that the track ‘is really at the core of what we all seek in life – true connection. It’s a very real, open and honest piece of music.’

Kaine is speaking from the heart in a world, she says, ‘that often plays it way too cool,’ and Nicholson was her first and only choice to record the duet.

‘He has all the right ingredients,’ she says.

“Both as an artist and a person.”

“It was a wonderful, unique and inspiring journey that I’ll never forget.”

Check out ‘Long Way From Lonely’ featuring Shane Nicholson

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“‘Every Other Memory’ just feels like such a nostalgic track,” said Hurd.

“It’s so cool because it feels like each line in the song is almost like an emoji.”

“It’s a feeling and it’s a picture that you can just really grab onto.”

“The way the words came out, it just felt like each picture was really amazing.”

Not for the first time, subtle harmonies from his wife Maren Morris can be heard throughout the track.

Check out ‘Every Other Memory’ by Ryan Hurd

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Heading to Australian country radio stations today, ‘Keep Up’ is a glorious love letter to country girls everywhere.

“We can party just as much as any other dude, and I felt we needed a song to say that,” RaeLynn says.

“Yes, I rock Gucci sometimes, and yes, I drink pink drinks, and yes, I’m girly as hell, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drive a truck. That doesn’t mean I can’t change a tire. That doesn’t mean that I can’t do whatever the guys can do.”

“One of my favorite things so far is how girls are posting of videos of themselves doing all this bad-ass stuff with ‘Keep Up’ playing behind them,” she says.

“There’s one woman roping horses, another who’s a firefighter, putting a fire out – I think it’s so epic.”

Check out ‘Keep Up’ by RaeLynn

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