A frustrated Maren Morris has taken to Twitter to express her wish for “common sense reform” in America, following the latest mass shooting in her home state of Texas on the weekend.

“If I see one more politician use their “thoughts & prayers” tweet template they have backburnered for every mass shooting, I’m gonna be sick,” she said.

The Grammy winning singer-songwriter made the statement following news the shooter allegedly used a AK47-style weapon to gun down parents and children at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas on the weekend.

“We need common sense reform,” she continued.

While many in Nashville’s creative community share Morris’ views on gender inequality and the current political climate in North America, most have chosen to be less vocal on these issues, following the infamous Dixie Chicks backlash.

“It was completely unfair treatment of a group of women just voicing an opinion, like any dude has in the history of time,” Morris recently told Rolling Stone.

“They just happened to be in a genre where it’s not cool to ever air that opinion.”

In fact, Morris is being described as the new voice for women in country music with her strong messages of support for female artists on country radio in the USA.

She is also matching her words with action, featuring all-female line-ups on her GIRL World Tour shows.

“If radio is not going to play these girls, then I’m going to bring them out on the road with me,” she said in an interview with Harpers Bazaar.

See why Maren Morris is the new voice for women in Country music

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Last week, Morris’ latest single ‘GIRL’ went to #1 on US Country radio.

It’s the first song from a female solo artist to go to #1 on that chart this year.

She has just teamed up with Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby and Amanda Shires and formed the new all-female country supergroup, The Highwomen.

Their debut album is released on September 6.