With a new album expected later this year, Luke Combs is asking for feedback from his most valuable A&R consultants…

His fans!

Combs has a history of testing out songs at his live shows and getting fan feedback before releasing them.

In fact, he was playing his latest single ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ at all his shows for 18 months before it was finally released commercially in May.

The song become so popular, that he was playing it during his encore on his recent Australian tour. And the crowd sung every word back at him.

Check out ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’

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For several years now, Luke Combs has sort fan feedback for new material via his “The Bootleggers” Facebook group. And this week has been no different.

For the last five weeks he has posted a raw acoustic performance of a previously unreleased song on Youtube.

He’s now asking fans to tell him which ones they like the most.

The five songs are:

‘Every Little Bit Helps’

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‘Dear Today’

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‘Better Together’ 

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‘1, 2 Many’

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A poll on The Bootleggers page today has ‘Dear Today’ as the most popular song, but reaction to all the songs has been resoundingly positive.

Combs also took the opportunity this week to relay a story to fans about his first publisher meeting in Nashville.

“I finally got a meeting with a big publisher in town. I had Hurricane, When It Rains It Pours, She Got the Best of Me and a work tape of One Number Away on my phone,” he said.

“I played this guy all of it, and he says, I’ve got two things to tell you…

“First, you need to write better songs. And you’re never gonna be an artist. No one is going to pay money to see you.”

Combs now headlines arena shows and all those songs went on to be #1 hits on the Billboard country charts.

In fact, last year across all label artists and genres, he was one of Sony Music’s top five artists globally.