What do you do when you’re the leader of the free world and you just want to unwind and listen to some good tunes? You chuck on the latest single from one of Australia’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters, of course.

President Barack Obama recently unveiled another one of his patented presidential playlists, revealing the songs that are getting him through the summer, and sitting on his ‘Daytime’ playlist is none other than Courtney Barnett.

Apparently the POTUS (or at least the intern that put the playlist together) is a big fan of Barnett’s ‘Elevator Operator’, as well as tunes by Wale, Leon Bridges, D’Angelo, Chance the Rapper, and jazz legend Charles Mingus.

It’s not the first time Barnett’s been in the presidential circle, she previously appeared on the same episode of daytime talk show Ellen as the First Lady. You can check out that performance right over here.