Courtney Love has taken to Twitter to call out Elon Musk, urging the tech billionaire to pay his “fair share” of tax.

Last month, Musk himself took aim at US Senator Bernie Sanders after he said that the extremely wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes.

“I keep forgetting that you’re still alive… want me to sell more stock, Bernie? Just say the word,” Musk wrote.

Now, Love has come out in defence of Sanders, telling Musk not to “pick on” him.

“@elonmusk you know your str8, male, PayPal mafia email group? I was on bcc for MONTHS on that thing,” she wrote.

“With that information in mind, don’t you think in a ‘civilized society’ one should embrace paying our fair share of tax? Don’t pick on Bernie. It’s Kendall Roy shit,” she continued, referencing the Succession character.

She then followed it up with a second tweet: “@elonmusk Relax. I’m a GOOD Queen. Capitalism & the American dream has been good to you. Be good to it. #justpayyourtaxesbuddy.”

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Love’s mention of Succession comes after her recent comments about how she believes her late husband Kurt Cobain would have been proud of the way Nirvana’s ‘Rape Me’ was used in a recent episode of the HBO show.

“I’ve never felt so good about approving a usage of a song of Kurt’s,” Love wrote on Twitter, sharing a clip of the song’s use in Succession.

“You understood this: him, it’s beautiful. I’m sure he’s proud.”

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Check out Courtney Love calling out Elon Musk:

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