If the success of Melbourne prog-metal band Twelve Foot Ninja’s music video campaign, smashing the previous record set by Eskimo Joe in February this year, has taught us anything – it’s that crowdfunding is here to stay.

Whether it’s as simple as a band recording a new album, raising funds for musicians to head overseas to tour, or simply a great music-related initiative, the likes of KickstarterPozible, and IndieGoGo are realising the previously lofty goals of artists the world over.

The Wheelharp

Dubbed a “A groundbreaking keyboard musical instrument that’s like having a real chamber string orchestra at hand.”, the Wheelharp sees Antiquity Music seeking $50,000 to launch the instrument into the musical market.

Described as a musical instrument that gives you the ability to bow a full chromatic set of real strings using a mechanical keyboard, the makers of the antiquated instrument state that it puts the actual sound of multiple bowed string instruments at the player’s fingertips.

Combining an efficient keyboard-controlled design with extensive dynamic control and a full chromatic scale, it gives its player a rich sound palette of actual bowed strings that cannot be matched by synthesis or sampling. Should you donate you’re eligible to receive everything from a badge or t-shirt to the instrument itself.

You can listen to the illusive instrument by clicking here.

Campaign: The Wheelharp by Antiquity Music
Target: $50,000

Pixies: A Visual History

Sean T. Rayburn, the founder of PixiesMusic.com , a Pixies fansite has taken his dedication to the band one step further by trying to fund a visual history of the three-piece in the form of a book of photographs spanning the band’s career.

After receiving great feedback after posting vintage pics of the band, Rayburn decided it was time to make a hardcover edition of the photos. He says “wouldn’t it be cool if we had a nice hardcover, coffee table sized book of all these rare, never-before seen photos with the story behind each photo, told by someone who was there?” He’s also hoping to get some stories from photographers and family members.

Those who pledge will receive postcards of the photos,  the book itself,  limited edition prints and more.

Campaign: PIXIES: A Visual History
Target: $50,000

Record Store Comic Book

Combining two niche, often nerdy things like comic books and record stores seems like many people’s dream, and one man is hoping to make it a reality.

Mark Rudolph’s Closing Doors is the story of struggling record store owner Elvin Cherry who is torn between the necessities of living in a stark urban landscape where mom and pop stores are quickly becoming a thing of the past and his love of the store that is not only his life’s work but also the hub of a small eccentric community.

Nix Comics, with its mission to create comics that appeal as much to record and music fans as comic fans, is hoping to add Closing Doors to its roster. Perks for pledging include the finished comic, as sets of limited edition Nix Comix titles.

Campaign: Mark Rudolph’s Closing Doors
Target: $2,000

Deep Street Soul’s European Festival Tour

In 2010, Deep Street Soul toured our debut album across Europe and the UK, and had plans to return the following year to showcase their new album. Unfortunately, the tour was shelved due to lack of coin.

In late 2012, Glastonbury Music Festival booker Malcolm Hayes caught the band’s  show at the Australian World Music Expo in Melbourne and invited them to join the epic 2013 line up.

So they’re looking for fans to help with the burdon of the crazy costs of touring internationally. The money pledged will go to help paying for flights, transport, accommodationinsurance, etc. 

If you want to help bring some Aussie soul to Europe, you can do it by pledging to their cause which will make you eligible to receive previously unreleased recorded material, a vinyl showbag, autographed musical equipment,  guitar lessons, a jam with the band, a cameo in their soon-to-be-recorded film clip, and more!

Campaign: Deep Street Soul Tour Europe
Target: $5,000

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead EP

Having recently wrapped their Australian tour to much acclaim (check out our review here), the Texan four-piece are now turning to Pledge to find their new record. Working on Tao Part III.

By pledging, you’ll also gain access to some exclusive, behind the scenes footage from the band, documenting the recording of the EP, the creation of it’s artwork and other unseen content.

To sweeten the deal, a percentage of any profits made will be donated to APLE Campbodia, our chosen charity to help them continue the invaluable work they do. APLE’s priorities on the ground are to prevent immediate risks, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

It is entirely aimed to reduce the vulnerability of children. Along with receiving the record, pledgers are also eligible to receive signed equipment, private gigs or DJ sets,  a painting by frontman Conrad Kelly, and more.

Campaign: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead EP

Update On Last Week’s Campaigns

Young London have pledged  76% of their US$ 8,000 goal. The money will go towards recording the duo’s new EP. There’s still 11 days left so click here to pledge!

The Bon Scott memorial statue has surpassed the halfway point and raised 63% of its target but with just 41 hours to go desperately needs your help! Give here.

Dandelion Wine have been booked to play at some truly awesome festivals and events in Europe this August and September…and thanks to a successful Pozible campaign, it looks like they’ll be going!  

Wendy McDougle, photographer of bands such as The Angels, INXS, Cold Chisel, Divinyls, Midnight Oil, Crowded House, and many, many more has successfully funded her endeavour to digitise her analogue photos of these iconic bands. With over two weeks left in the campaign, there’s still time to give!

And finally, Heroes For Hire STILL want you to buy them beer. 

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