You might remember a few weeks back how Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield announced their engagement, much to the delight of countless fans. They ended that announcement by calling on Malcolm Turnbull to legalise marriage equality, so that they can, y’know, actually get married. Now that the fate of marriage equality in Australia relies on an upcoming postal vote, the group have taken to Facebook to condemn the “cruel” and “hazardous” nature of the vote.

Taking to Facebook, Tim Nelson has outlined the collective feelings of the group in regards to the upcoming postal vote and how it is an “unnecessary and hazardous way forward.”

“I just wanted to lay out our feelings for anybody who’s unsure how they feel about the Aus same-sex marriage postal vote that is planned to happen later this year,” the post began. “I see it as an unnecessary and hazardous way forward.”

“There will be anti-LGBTQI campaigning happening. A majority using their platform to squash a minority and to tell them that they’re less worthy of a human right because of their sexuality is truly crushing. The people campaigning against marriage equality don’t need any more of a platform than they already have.”

“I grew up feeling like I was less deserving of many things (respect, love, acceptance) purely because of my sexuality,” the post continues. “I can tell you first hand that it fucks you up. There are vulnerable young LGBTQI people who are already struggling – it’s cruel to allow anybody to make these people feel like they deserve any less than a heterosexual person does. We need to build these people up and remind them that they are loved – we are all humans and should all be equal.”

In addition, the post also outlines the financially wasteful aspect of the postal vote. “The voluntary postal vote is a huge waste of money – it will cost $122 million,” the post continues. “Can you begin to imagine all of the things that this money could be used for? How about using it to do something about the innocent people dying under the Australian government’s care at Nauru and Manus Island?”

The band’s post then ends with the group calling upon those reading to ensure that their address is updated through the Australian Electoral Commission, so that their votes will be properly counted and recognised.

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