Dave Grohl has surprised a nine-year-old fan, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to congratulate her for a stellar drum cover of a Foo Fighters classic.

If you don’t recognise the name Yoyoka Soma, then you might just recognise her handiwork.

Something of a viral YouTube star, the nine-year-old Japanese rocker has been uploading videos of her drum covers for quite some time now, gaining plenty of praise for her version of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Good Time Bad Times’ last year.

With mesmerising talent for such a young musician, Yoyoka has now received praise from one of her idols, with Dave Grohl congratulating the youngster on her recent Foo Fighters cover.

Check out Yoyoka Soma’s cover of ‘The Pretender’ by the Foo Fighters:

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Uploading a cover of the Foo Fighters’ ‘The Pretender’ earlier this year, Yoyoka Soma re-appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, where she explained her musical history.

Completely self-taught, Yoyoka explained that she began playing at the age of two, but joked that she doesn’t know how to read music “because she’s a little too lazy.”

Revealing that Dave Grohl is her favourite drummer due to his sound and “really heavy groove”, the young prodigy took to the kit to bash out her rendition of ‘The Pretender’ for the show’s audience.

However, host Ellen DeGeneres had a bit of a surprise for the youngster, sharing a pre-recorded message from Dave Grohl congratulating her on the amazing performance.

“I’ve seen you play ‘The Pretender’ before and you’re amazing!” Grohl said. “So keep it up, because the world needs more drummers.”

While there’s no word yet as to when Yoyoka Soma might find her way to a Foo Fighters concert, and swiftly brought on stage to take Taylor Hawkins’ place, you can be sure it won’t be long before this nine-year-old rocker is pounding the skins in her own high-flying rock act.

Check out Yoyoka Soma on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

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