In addition to being the ultimate nice guy of rock and roll, Dave Grohl has more than cemented a reputation as its last true vanguard. Revelling in his post as the Dewey Finn for the human race, Grohl defends rock music to the death and he’s seriously bummed about the current state of things.

In particular, speaking recently to The Red Bulletin, Grohl, who has a well-publicised predilection for eschewing computers and recording to tape, confessed a resentment towards the internet, saying that he believes it’s sapped humanity of its ability to get down and rock and roll.

“People have forgotten what it’s like to really rock out because they spend all day in front of a freakin’ computer, which they hail as the new God,” said Grohl. “And they seriously think technology can make them rich, if they stumble on something new. But I’m telling you: technology might make you rich, yet it will never make you happy.”

Asked if it’s easier to be happy if you’re rich, the Foo Fighters frontman responded, “They’re two different things light years apart. Happiness or luck or a good feeling – whatever you want to call it – is based on interaction among humans, on making other people happy, giving them something dear to their heart.”

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“Music is a perfect medium for that,” he continued. “What could be more human than writing a song with bass, drums and guitars? That’s as feel-based as it gets.” Hmm, “bass, drums and guitars”? We’re guessing the former Nirvana drummer isn’t much of a fan of EDM.

“What the heck are you talking about? Don’t speak in riddles, man!” Oh, yeah, he doesn’t actually know what EDM stands for. “That’s what that is called? It’s simply not my kind of music. What’s more, it’s nothing new. Artists like Suicide or Atari Teenage Riot have been doing it for decades and are still doing it way better.”

That said, we doubt Atari Teenage Riot will be headlining the next Stereosonic. Perhaps Grohl can pull a few strings and send out a few DMs, except, according to the man himself, he’s not on social media. “I don’t care. If I want to talk to people I just call them up or text them,” he told The Red Bulletin.

However, Grohl and his cohorts in Foo Fighters will soon be headlining their very own tour of Australia early next year, playing six all-ages stadium shows, kicking off at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on Tuesday, 24th February and concluding at Nib Stadium in Perth on 8th March.

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