Dave Grohl just played a surprise show with Rick Astley. And yes, they absolutely did play ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. And yes, it was as incredible as you’d imagine it to be. 

Since time immemorial Foo Fighters have been known to perform random surprise shows at tiny clubs all around the world, and this time at Moth Club, Dave Grohl had a little bit of help.

Moth Club, which stands for Memorable Order Of Tin Hats Club, is an ex-servicemen’s members club right in the heart of Hackney, and just as people were casually arriving for their night out, they spotted Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, alongside legendary 80s pop star Rick Astley.

And of course they weren’t just there to relax, the two were there to perform together in a secret show that was absolutely not advertised beforehand.

So basically, if you were there that night, you were so lucky.

The pair joined together for the return of NME‘s Club NME for a special performance including iconic Foo Fighters tracks, and of course, Astley’s signature song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’

“I’ve been a friend of the people at the NME for a long, long time,” Grohl says as he makes his way on stage. “When I walked in tonight, everyone said: ‘What are you gonna do?’ I said, ‘I have no fucking clue.’ So tonight we’ll play a couple of songs. I can’t believe how many people are here. We might have to do more than one fucking song!”

“I don’t know much about Club NME,” Dave says, “but I know you’re not gonna see this anywhere else.”

Watch the iconic footage below:

While this might seem like you’ve just entered a parallel universe where things like this happen, this is very much real.

No, I’m not crying because I missed this performance. I’m fine.