Twisted Sister rocker Dee Snider has spoken out in a new interview about his issues with the metal community, along with the reason why he quit music back in the ’90s.

In his recent appearance on The Jasta Show, Snider explained that he felt as if he never truly knew his place within the metal community.

“My problem was – as much as I love the metal community, I didn’t know where I fit in. Where is my place? I was taking my own words too hard – stay hungry, there is no room for wannabes, has-beens, or the bad,” Snider said.

“At some point in the ’90s, I just said, ‘Alright, I think my time is up. I gotta make room for the other people.’ I hated all these old rockers who refused to go away.

“And even worse – Genesis turned into four bands! We had Genesis, and now we have Peter Gabriel, Mike & The Mechanics, Phil Collins… What the fuck?!

Snider continued: “This is where Twisted comes up – where is our moment? Get the fuck out of the way! I had that feeling in the ’90s, at the end of [Dee’s band] The Widowmaker thing – maybe I should heed my own words.

“And I stopped writing, I stopped creating, everything I did was that Twisted stuff and whatever, and stuff where I didn’t want to be really.

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“And then you [Jamey Jasta, the frontman of Hatebreed, the host of the podcast, and the producer of Dee’s solo album] come along and said, ‘No, no, man. You’ve got a place. Where? Let me show you!’ And I thank you for that, Jasta.”

In other Dee Snider news, the outspoken rock legend recently spoke of his love for Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl after he was asked which celebrity he would love to meet.

“I’ve got so much admiration for him and respect, a true fan of metal. That Probot record – that is so good.

“If people don’t know of Probot, Dave is a fan of hardcore metal. He got all those great vocalists [for the Probot project], and just created this album, wrote songs with them, produced them, recorded them…

Snider continued: “I’m just dying to say, ‘Dude, just tell me I was on the list!’ I’m hoping that I didn’t make the cut but have a feeling that if you liked that stuff, then you liked ‘Under the Blade,’ at least that, and maybe had a bleeding thought for a minute, ‘Dee Snider…? Hm, no, no…’

“Because he had other people like Lemmy, Max [Cavalera], and all these great metal vocalists are on there.

“I’ve performed with all these [Foo Fighters] guys when they do the Chevy Metal thing, I’ve performed with the Chevy Metal guys, but I’ve never met Dave.”

He added: “And we are both coffee junkies.”

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