Denzel Curry recently sat down to talk about life after his recent album Melt My Eyez and gave a tease about the new ground he will cover for his next album.

Denzel Curry and Our Generation Music recently talked about all things Melt My Eyez, See Your Future— talking about what influences came together to create the genre-bending record, what differences fans can expect from the deluxe version, and what is coming next from Denzel Curry.

Zel first touched on what he plans to do with his life post Melt and how he can tailor his experience in a way that’s relatable to people.

“In order to make even better stuff than what I’ve made now, I have to live. I was able to live those last two years when making Melt. So, moving forward, I will have to live my life for real for real. Not working and living my life, I’m talking absolutely living my life. Not going places that I’ve never been on tour that nobody relates to, because not a lot of people can travel. I just have to live my life that people can relate to. That’s how I’m gonna do it, even if it takes four years to do so.”

Curry did a deep dive when asked about the reception of the album, noting the influence he drew from anime and how the early reception in Australia gifted his ego praise.

TG: Before the album’s release, you said you were not nervous of the fans’ reception of it because you knew it had “no skips,” was the reception what you thought it would be?

Zel: “Yes. Because Australia ended up getting it first the day before it came out, but it came out technically that day for them. So when they were tweeting it, it was nothing but praise coming from it, with a couple of people that’s gonna be like, ‘Man, f**k this album, I don’t get it.’ Everybody else was like, ‘Bro, this shit is f*****g fire, this is crazy, his lines, the way he writes his lyrics, everything is on point.’ That’s what I wanted. I wanted to show I’ve grown lyrically, sonically and as a man. That’s what I wanted to package on the album. Even the way I dress now, I usually would just wear the same sh*t, the same outfit. Now I’m dressing up more because one of the main influences on the album was (Yusaka) Matsuda, who was pretty much the basis of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Everything’s different, and I felt like I met my goal with it because people see a certain image of it. They see the three videos that I came out with, and there will be a fourth video that comes out later on this year. But, they see those three videos and they get to see the three different personalities but the same premise, like a movie.”

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“That’s part of the art form. The way you look, the way you dress, the way you act, conduct yourself. It also comes with how the cover looks, how your videos look, how the music sounds, everything comes together that way. Even the font was important to me. The font came from Gundam Wing. That’s why, when you see all those images of Melt in all those posters, the font looks like that, because it came from anime. But when it came down to the music, I wanted it to be seen as a movie like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Fistful of Dollars or Few Dollars More or Yojimbo and Sanjuro. That’s why I have a song called “Sanjuro,” I wanted to show my stance in America and the turmoil of America, because it felt like the wild west for us for a hot minute.”

Curry’s most exciting announcement of the interview was that he feels that moving to a different genre is the next step for him after the success of Melt and that the follow-up will be R&B-focused.

“Denzel Curry’s next album will be fully R&B concentrated:

 “The next step… is the R&B sh*t. I think I hit my ceiling when it came to rap. I already have a plan for that. I wanna make sure If I make an R&B album, I want to look like him, dress like him, and I want to be him…””

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