Denzel Curry opens up on suicidal thoughts he had in 2019 in an interview with The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano.

In an interview with The Needle Drop Youtuber, Anthony Fantano, Denzel Curry talked about suicidal thoughts he had in 2019 and how those thoughts caused him to seek out therapy.

“2019, I didn’t wanna be here no more, like… I just wanted to, you know… check out. Like I didn’t want to be here. Like I wanted to kill myself, at that point. And that’s what caused me to go into therapy in the first place.

But I didn’t take therapy seriously until… like, lockdown. You know what I’m saying? And that was just like, a part of my life where I felt super low, cause there was so much stuff that I had to unpack, that I’d never unpacked before. And I just went through it like a mental breakdown. Like, you have all the success but you can’t enjoy it because you’re depressed.”

Curry’s new album Melt My Eyez See Your Future, which came out March 25th, opens with the same type of conversation he had with Fantano.

On ‘Melt Session #1’ the Carol City, Florida artist opened up more on the topic:

Penniless, I await the emptiness enlightened

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Twenty-six years on Earth, my soul fighting

Habits that ain’t happen, my body took a liken

To my lifestyle, battling stress the size of Goliath

Slingshots plus hard rocks, these stones getting thrown

My temptations get amplified when I get alone

Curry goes further into the issues he delt with and is still dealing with:

I’m deflecting daily problems within my daily life

Recognize hidden patterns of my own demise

Why I feel like hiding a truth is finding a lie?

Dealt with thoughts of suicide, women I’ve objectified

The artist continued to break down their stream of thoughts and the lows he’s been to before shifting gears towards what he’s doing that helps:

I had to make an effort, double-overtime to change

Had to journal my journey and mistakes I made on the way

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