Didirri is an artist with a voice that cannot be matched. He speaks on important issues quite often, and generally uses his voice to be heard across the nation. In doing so, he has also made plenty of friends along the way who are doing quite the same.

Didirri is a Melbourne-based singer who has slowly risen to the nation’s attention with his guitar strums and vocal harmonies which melt our hearts away.

Tones of heartbreak are fused with memories of healing, and the final product is always something extraordinarily beautiful.

So in his downtime, it’s no surprise Didirri is listening to artists who know how to convey their emotions in truly stunning ways.

We asked Didirri how exactly he finds all these amazing new artists online. He referenced Instagram as a great place to find new music. Unlike some of the other artists we asked, he goes straight to other artists’ Stories to discover new tunes.

“Most the time I just see what other artists recommend in the story. A lot of the others that I follow do covers or plug other peoples music sharing links and the like.”

The rising star recently swung by to share his three favourite artists creating moving and beautiful creations right now, two of them through their singing voices, and one through his eye for design, colour and creation.

Moreton @moreton_

Rock with grit, edge, and sorrow is the best way to describe Moreton, especially when it comes to her latest slew of heartbreaking ballads that rip right through our chest.

Going into Moreton music is like opening up the flood gates to pain and hurt that you may have forgotten for years. Her words are sung so beautifully you can’t help but feel moved.

Seriously, join us in crying to ‘See Yourself.’

Jamie Preisz @jamiepreisz

Archibald Prize winner Jamie Preisz is an artist who creates glossy, shiny and splendid artworks on canvas.

Most of his artworks feel reflective and metallic, and I could talk about them for days on end. Best I’ll just let you see for yourself.

Montaigne @actualmontaigne

Recently, Montaigne proved an ARIA Award was in fact a certain instrument of death, but besides that, she’s making incredible tunes we can’t resist.

It’s only the beginning for this artist, who is sure to keep impressing us as years go by.

“Moreton keeps things real. Jamie makes things unreal. And Montaigne is just all around entertaining constantly. I think they’ll stay quite true to what they want to be even when social media is pulling an all sorts directions.”

Speaking of impressing us, you can listen to Didirri’s brand new song, ‘Blue Mood Rising’, which glows and glistens like a rising sun. Check it out down below.

Stream Didirri’s ‘Blue Mood Rising’ below: