DJ Envy has spoken some pretty controversial words on the fatal shooting of 16-year-old black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant.

Bryant was pronounced dead on April 20th, within twenty minutes of Derek Chauvin been charged with murder.

The body camera footage of the incident has been released, showing the police approaching a group of young people, where Ma’Khia Bryant appears to swings a knife at a girl on the hood of a car. The police officer at the scene then proceeds to fire his weapon four times. Bryant was taken to a local hospital in critical condition where she was later pronounced dead.

On an episode of The Breakfast Club, he said, “Every case is different, and in this case, if I pull up to a scene and see a girl chasing another girl and about to stab a girl, my job as a police officer is to make sure that girl doesn’t get killed. And the law allows me to stop that killing or that stabbing by any means necessary. That’s what the law allows me to do, on both sides.”

This is actually the second time that DJ Envy has made ‘police-favouring’ comments regarding the tragic shooting, which supposedly allude to the fact that he thinks the police shooting was justified. In the latest instalment of The Breakfast Club, they welcomed special guest, speaker and psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson who works with children who have behavioural disorders within Black community, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

Now he has once again made comments on the shooting, backing in his earlier comments on The Breakfast Club, siding with the police officer in question and debating with Dr. Umar Johnson. He said, “I’m not gon’ lie, I must be a c**n because I don’t agree with you on this one.”

He continued,“This situation, my only thing is this, and you’re talking to somebody whose father is a retired cop, alright? Now, when that cop pulled up, he doesn’t know friend or foe. He doesn’t know who called the police.”

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