In theory, when you put together the beat-making prowess of Norwegian duo Röyksopp with the powerful emotive pop vocals of Swedish star Robyn, you should get a force of dancefloor hits to be reckoned with.

Besides their individual talents, which provide the formulae for this equation, the past results in ‘None Of Dem’ and ‘The Girl And The Robot’ have encouraged this way of thinking.

The title track of this five-track ‘mini-album’ – let’s face it, it’s basically an EP – doesn’t do much to deter this theory, either. ‘Do It Again’ is undeniably one of the best pop songs of 2014 so far, and it wouldn’t be too far fetched to suggest that it won’t be dethroned by year’s end.

‘Do It Again’ might fit seamlessly here, but the lead single is just the dancefloor anthem that deviates from the rest of the release’s drawn-out electronic musings.

While this collection sits more on the Röyksopp side of the spectrum than it does Robyn’s, it still displays a new dynamic to the former.

The almost ten-minute ‘Monument’ begins as a drawn-out electronic pop introduction before descending into horn solos. ‘Say It’, on the other hand, is the dance banger you’d expect minus Robyn’s vocal talents.

While ‘Every Little Thing’ trends in the same direction of the opener, ‘Inside The Idle Hour Club’ closes with the moonlit night in mind.

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Do It Again ushers in an impressive new chapter in the collaborative relationship between these two artists and, in a sense, it sees them idling towards their respective next albums – which would better serve their long-waiting fan bases for the now. But if this tease of a mini-album leads to a Röyksopp & Robyn Australian tour, than it’ll more than make amends for Do It Again’s short timeframe.

Listen to ‘Do It Again’ from Do It Again here:

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