Double J are letting you revise history to an extent, allowing listeners to re-vote in the Hottest 100 of 1998.

What do you reckon is the biggest upset in Aussie music history? Shannon Noll coming second on Australian Idol? Silverchair coming second to Muse in the 2007 Hottest 100? Well, if you were around in 1998, you might just say it was The Offspring taking out the annual Hottest 100 countdown of that year.

Ever since triple j counted down the sixth edition of their Hottest 100 countdown in early 1999, music fans have declared The Offspring’s chart-topping effort as one of the most disappointing finishes in Aussie history.

To be fair, The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ wasn’t necessarily a bad song, but rather, listeners realised too quickly that its appeal as something of a novelty track at time was short-lived, and the fact that within months, the jokes had already worn off.

To date, the 11 weeks between its release and topping of the chart remains the shortest amount of airplay that a #1 song received in the lead-up to a countdown.

Now, after counting down the iconic poll once more on Monday, Double J reckon it’s time for listeners to have their say again, and are letting you vote for your Hottest song once again.

Announced today, Double J are throwing open the polls once again, allowing fans to head over to their website and have their say about which song should have been #1 instead.

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Check out Not From There’s ‘Sich Öffnen’:

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Will Ben Lee’s ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’ chart one position higher? Will Custard’s ‘Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us)’ head to the top spot? Or will Not From There’s ‘Sich Öffnen’ jump 99 positions to take its crown as the winning track?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by heading over to Double J’s website, and voting for your favourite song of the year.

Of course, things are a little bit different this time around. You only get one vote, so use it wisely. Voting is only open for one week (it closes at midday next Monday, so get in quick!), with the revised top ten being announced on Mornings with Zan Rowe on Wednesday, February 6th, at 9am.

Remember though, this is all just for fun, and will in no way revise history, or change the Hottest 100’s results in hindsight. However, this will allow music lovers around the country to clear their conscience by replacing the historic #1 with a different song.

Although, there’s every chance that ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ could top the chart again, so make sure you have your say!

Check out The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’:

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triple j’s Hottest 100 of 1998

Image of the CD artwork for triple j's Hottest 100 of 1998

#1. ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ – The Offspring
#2. ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’ – Ben Lee
#3. ‘Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us)’ – Custard
#4. ‘Celebrity Skin’ – Hole
#5. ‘Got The Life’ – Korn
#6. ‘! (The Song Formerly Known As)’ – Regurgitator
#7. ‘Harpoon’ – Jebediah
#8. ‘The Day You Come’ – Powderfinger
#9. ‘Heavy Heart’ – You Am I
#10. ‘Save The Day’ – The Living End

#11. ‘Sweetest Thing’ – U2
#12. ‘Brick’ – Ben Folds Five
#13. ‘Doctor Worm’ – They Might Be Giants
#14. ‘Josie’ – Blink-182
#15. ‘Second Solution’ – The Living End
#16. ‘Addicted To Bass’ – Josh Abrahams
#17. ‘Tainted Love (Live)’ – The Living End
#18. ‘Just Ace’ – Grinspoon
#19. ‘Bubblegoose (feat. Stan, Kyle, Kenny & Cartman)’ – Wyclef Jean
#20. ‘Simultaneous’ – Chef

#21. ‘Sex And Candy’ – Marcy Playground
#22. ‘Black Friday’ – Grinspoon
#23. ‘Teardrop’ – Massive Attack
#24. ‘Music Is Crap’ – Custard
#25. ‘Intergalactic’ – Beastie Boys
#26. ‘Polyester Girl’ – Regurgitator
#27. ‘I Like Your Old Remix Better Than Your New Remix’ – Regurgitator
#28. ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ – Happyland
#29. ‘Everybody Here Wants You’ – Jeff Buckley
#30. ‘Never There’ – Cake

#31. ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ – Paul McDermott
#32. ‘Black Bugs’ – Regurgitator
#33. ‘Sweater’ – Eskimo Joe
#34. ‘One Week’ – Barenaked Ladies
#35. ‘Flagpole Sitta’ – Harvey Danger
#36. ‘Whatareya?’ – TISM
#37. ‘Buy Now Pay Later (Charlie No. 2)’ – The Whitlams
#38. ‘The Impression That I Get’ – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
#39. ‘Somebody Kill Me’ – Adam Sandler
#40. ‘Song For The Dumped’ – Ben Folds Five

#41. ‘Pure Morning’ – Placebo
#42. ‘Teflon’ – Jebediah
#43. ‘Melbourne’ – The Whitlams
#44. ‘The Dope Show’ – Marilyn Manson
#45. ‘Ava Adore’ – The Smashing Pumpkins
#46. ‘Don’t Wanna Be Left Out’ – Powderfinger
#47. ‘Do The Evolution’ – Pearl Jam
#48. ‘Road Rage’ – Catatonia
#49. ‘Malibu’ – Hole
#50. ‘It’s Like That’ – Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins

#51. ‘Given To Fly’ – Pearl Jam
#52. ‘The Grouch’ – Green Day
#53. ‘Father Of Mine’ – Everclear
#54. ‘Mum Changed The Locks’ – Frenzal Rhomb
#55. ‘No Surprises’ – Radiohead
#56. ‘Charlie No. 3’ – The Whitlams
#57. ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ – Garbage
#58. ‘I Don’t Like It’ – Pauline Pantsdown
#59. ‘History Repeating (feat. Miss Shirley Bassey)’ – Propellerheads
#60. ‘Untouchable Face’ – Ani DiFranco

#61. ‘Cry’ – The Mavis’s
#62. ‘Gone Away’ – The Offspring
#63. ‘The Rockafeller Skank’ – Fatboy Slim
#64. ‘Come On Spring’ – Antenna
#65. ‘Rumble’ – You Am I
#66. ‘No Shelter’ – Rage Against The Machine
#67. ‘The Unforgiven II’ – Metallica
#68. ‘Every Day Should Be A Holiday’ – The Dandy Warhols
#69. ‘Cinnamon Lip’ – Pollyanna
#70. ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’ – Manic Street Preachers

#71. ‘Hello!’ – Happyland
#72. ‘Mr Charisma’ – Frenzal Rhomb
#73. ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ – Stardust
#74. ‘My Hero’ – Foo Fighters
#75. ‘Dragula’ – Rob Zombie
#76. ‘Saint Joe On The School Bus’ – Marcy Playground
#77. ‘Fuel’ – Metallica
#78. ‘Shimmer’ – Fuel
#79. ‘Don’t Go Away’ – Grinspoon
#80. ‘Bad Old Man’ – Babybird

#81. ‘Drinking In L.A.’ – Bran Van 3000
#82. ‘El President (feat. Thom Yorke)’ – Drugstore
#83. ‘Now And Then’ – The Superjesus
#84. ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)’ – Green Day
#85. ‘Harpoon’ – Something For Kate
#86. ‘Mama’s Trippin” – Ben Harper
#87. ‘Push It’ – Garbage
#88. ‘Wishlist’ – Pearl Jam
#89. ‘Special’ – Garbage
#90. ‘No Substitute’ – Chef

#91. ‘Benedict’ – Jebediah
#92. ‘The Ballad Of Tom Jones’ – Space
#93. ‘Untitled’ – Silverchair
#94. ‘Perfect’ – The Smashing Pumpkins
#95. ‘Tropicalia’ – Beck
#96. ‘Redneck Wonderland’ – Midnight Oil
#97. ‘Black Umbrella’ – Even
#98. ‘Baker Street’ – Foo Fighters
#99. ‘Saturation’ – The Superjesus
#100. ‘Sich Öffnen’ – Not From There

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