Dr. Dre has reportedly been hospitalised after suffering a brain aneurysm and has been admitted to the intensive care unit.

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre was hospitalised at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles after suffering a brain aneurysm on Monday.

It is reported that he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and was taken directly to the ICU, where he reportedly still remains at the time of publishing.

TMZ‘s sources say that the 55-year-old hip hop mogul is “stable and lucid,” and doctors are running a series of tests in order to determine the cause of the brain aneurysm, which is still unknown right now.

News of Dr. Dre’s hospitalisation comes in the midst of a very contentious divorce between the rapper and his estranged wife, Nicole.

It is reported (via Complex) that Nicole, who Dr. Dre married back in 1996, is seeking $2 million a month in temporary spousal support and an additional $5 million for her legal fees.

The hip hop mogul also recently made headlines when his daughter, Truly Young, called out 50 Cent for disrespecting Nicole while this divorce battle is unfolding.

“Calling my mother, my dad’s wife, a bitch is unforgivable… you have no respect for me or my siblings and this is extremely evident,” Truly wrote in an Instagram Story. “50, your marketing schemes are as low life and disgusting as you are. Using a photo of my parents and I solely to gain attention for yourself exemplifies a lot of the things wrong with the world right now.”

“You disgust me, and I can speak for women of my generation as well. You are furthering the problems. Everyone already knows that you’re a dick, but you just proved it yourself.”

We’ll keep everyone posted about Dr. Dre’s condition when new information comes out.