Late music icon Dr. John still has another album on the way, with close friends revealing that the musician recorded one final release in spite of his failing health.

Last week, the music world was shocked to learn that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dr. John had passed away at the age of 77.

Active in the music world ever since the late ’50s, the New Orleans icon became famed for his blues-rock music, wild live shows, and the enduring legacy of his 1973 hit, ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’.

However, despite a career that boasted 30 albums as a solo artist, and countless more with other bands and musicians, Rolling Stone has revealed that the musician made one final record towards the end of his life.

Speaking to the publication, guitarist Shane Theriot revealed that Dr. John followed in the footsteps of the late Warren Zevon somewhat, using what was left of his life to lay down the tracks for one final release.

“Towards the beginning, I don’t think Mac realized it would probably be his last record, but towards the end, I think he knew,” Theriot explained, referring to the musician by his commonly-used nickname.

“Whatever we gotta do to finish this motherfucker, we gotta finish it,” Theriot recalled Dr. John stating, noting how the pair listened to the final recordings just six months before the artist’s death.

“We sat and listened to everything twice,” he explained, “He was singing along and had a big grin on his face. Then he walked me out to my car, stared at me and said, ‘I’m glad. I made the right choice.’ And then he hugged and kissed me on the cheek.”

“Mac understood that this was his last record,” added keyboardist David Torkanowsky. “It was emotional in the studio just to hear him. It had a certain weight to it that only something that’s the last time you do it can have.”

While details about Dr. John’s final album are still unclear, the last solo record released by the artist during his lifetime was 2014’s tribute to Louis Armstrong titled, Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit Of Satch.

Although dedicated fans of the late musician are undoubtedly looking forward to the release of any new material, especially given the emotional significance that it holds, this album would undoubtedly serve as the final chapter in an already-amazing life story.

Check out ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ by Dr. John: