At a recent show in Edmonton, Canada Drake announced he would return to the studio to record the follow up to this year’s Scorpion. The rapper said he plans to finish his current tour and start recording straight away for the follow up expected next year.

Drake released Scorpion in June this year, and broke about a million records whilst doing so. Since then he’s been on his North American Aubrey And The Three Amigos tour. In a video below from the concert you can hear the rapper’s speech about returning to the studio.

Drake tells the crowd “Six shows left […] I guess most people would go on a vacation, or I don’t know what they do… But I’mma tell you what I’m gonna do,” he told the crowd. “Because I keep having nights like this that remind me why I love my job so much, I promise you that as soon as this tour is over – and maybe I’ll take, like, a little break – Imma get right to work on a new album, so we can be right here […] and have a new party.”

The artist may be on the search for a new label now, as it was said that Scorpion fulfilled his contractual obligations to Cash Money records. Check out the video for “Nice For What” below.

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Watch: Drake – “Nice For What”

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