Fan artworks roll in like leaves in Autumn, but Eat Your Heart Out has time for each and every dedicated piece of work that they get tagged in on Instagram. They recently swung by to show us the highlights they’ve located over the years.

Eat Your Heart Out has amassed some loyal fans over the span of their seven-year career, which isn’t really shocking given the sheer amount of talent that gets poured into each and every track the band put out.

Fronted by Caitlin Henry on lead vocals, Eat Your Heart Out – or EYHO for short – is an Aussie rock band formed in Newcastle in 2012, which offer up grungey pop-punk powered by emo pastiche and pop sensibility.

Like most bands, EYHO is very much in tune with their fanbase, chasing the #eatyourheartoutband and #acoustic tags for adorable fan-made covers, and checking their tagged posts constantly for any art that may pop up.

They’ve gathered their three fave fan-made posts to share with the world, check them out below.

Fan artwork of Caitlin Henry

You know you’ve made it when your art and talent inspires other people to use their art and talent in dedication to you. And what a stunning painting this is too.

Thanks to the tag, Caitlin managed to not only find this artwork, but also comment on it. Imagine your fave artist telling you they love your work? Insane.

“It’s just so incredible to know that somebody connected enough with us that they wanted to take the time and effort to create a piece of art related to us or our music,” said Catlin, “It’s amazing how talented some people are and it’s very cool to see what our music can inspire them to create visually.”

@famoussouthpark are known for making South Park characters out of famous people and groups. We absolutely love their page, and so do EYHO. They were simply stoked to see themselves turned into characters when this post went up.

“I look through our tags occasionally to see what’s going on in there, but I wouldn’t ever expect to see fan art in there, but when we do it’s always very flattering. I also love to see photos we may have been tagged in by photographers from recent shows because some of them take some incredible shots and are so creative with their editing!”

Nothing is greater in the realm of fan content than a good old cover. And this one, covering EYHO’s ‘Patience’, is magnificent.

Currently, the band is celebrating the release of their highly anticipated 2019 album Florescence, which is filled to the brim with pop-punk masterpieces, one after the other.

You can check out one of Eat Your Heart Out’s most recent tunes and watch its accompanying video below.

Watch the vid for ‘Carousel’ by Eat Your Heart Out below: