Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is set to release a limited-edition vinyl single next month, but there’s a bit of a catch – it’s only available alongside tickets to an upcoming baseball game.

According to the Major League Baseball website, US baseball team the Chicago Cubs have teamed up with Jack White’s Third Man Records label to press a limited edition single featuring Eddie Vedder.

The single is set to feature the track ‘All The Way’, which Eddie Vedder originally wrote for his beloved Chicago Cubs back in 2007. While the track has been available digitally and on a limited edition CD single in the past, this is the first time it’s seeing a vinyl release.

The B-side of the blue-and-red coloured record will also feature the track ‘Go, Cubs, Go’, written by lifelong fan Steve Goodman in 1984, and is heard often by fans of the team, with the track being played after every victory by the team.

However, because Jack White is involved, of course there is some sort of incentive for record collectors at play here, with the record only being available to those who purchase tickets to the upcoming Chicago Cubs game on July 6th.

So if you’re a diehard Eddie Vedder fan, it might be high-time to start looking for an American friend to pick one up for you, because there’s no guarantee this one will be getting a widespread release down the line.

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On the Pearl Jam front though, the group recently released their Donald Trump-inspired protest song, ‘Can’t Deny Me’, which is said to be a taster of their upcoming album, which bassist Jeff Ament revealed is likely to be released in 2019.

Ament explained to the Kyle Meredith With… podcast that the band needs “a good solid six to eight weeks carved out where we’re just recording all these ideas that we have.”

“The one thing we have working against us is the upcoming tour, the other thing we have working against us is it takes three or four months to do a vinyl version of any record,” he explained, but noted that “2019 is probably safe to say” in regards to a release date for the new album.

He later confirmed that the group do indeed have a lot of material in the works for the new album, but none of it has been recorded and their current plans have been delaying their desire to enter the studio.

“We have a bunch of stuff that’s sort of partly written. Unfortunately, we have rehearsals coming up for Europe and the shows this summer, so it’s in a little bit of a limbo state right now,” Ament explained recently.

“We still need to record it; we haven’t really recorded anything. But [there are] a lot of ideas.”

“We’ve sort of been telling ourselves that we weren’t gonna put a ton of pressure on the situation,” Ament continued. “We really wanna make something great, and we wanna have the freedom to live with some of these ideas for a while and then maybe record them in a different way. We’re sort of exploring all sorts of different things right now. So I think it bodes well for whatever the next album is.”

Check out Pearl Jam’s ‘Can’t Deny Me’:

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