We’ve all left big events in the city, only to see street musicians busking along the way, attempting to capitalise on the increased foot traffic in order to allow their music to gain greater exposure. However, very few times do we manage to see a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer like Eddie Vedder doing that very same activity.

As ChiCitySports reports, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was in attendance at the Chicago Cubs’ baseball game at Wrigley Field, Chicago on Friday night. Upon leaving the stadium, he decided to join up with a couple of buskers who were performing outside the venue.

Manny Miller and Jack McKee, who frequently busk outside of the venue under the name SideStreets happened to catch the eye of Eddie Vedder, who opted to borrow the guitar and bust out an impromptu jam of Pearl Jam’s ‘Corduroy’.

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As Rolling Stone notes, a number of passers by didn’t even notice what was going on at the time, while a select few decided to park themselves and watch the grunge legend rock out. Of course, fan footage of the event is limited, and the footage that is available isn’t in terrific quality, but as you can see above, it was truly a once in a lifetime performance.

We can only hope that with this sudden influx of exposure that SideStreets have received thanks to the grunge legend, we just might see them becoming the next big thing in the music world. After all, plenty of musicians have spent years putting in the hard yards before they caught their break, who knows if Eddie Vedder’s guest spot is exactly what will send them into superstardom.

This sudden gig also comes only a matter of weeks after Eddie Vedder’s recent performance on one of the final episodes of Twin Peaks‘ long-awaited season. The legendary muso took time to perform his song ‘Out Of Sand’, which he wrote specifically for the show, under his birth name of Edward Louis Severson.

Check out footage of Eddie Vedder’s impromptu busking session below.

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