Elon Musk is an enigma, a mystery and a culmination of modern values that both confuse and intrigue us as a race. There’s really nothing Musk could do at this point that would shock us too heavily.

As it was uncovered yesterday, scientists have discovered that Juggalo makeup is not detectable by facial recognition. Musk, expressing his excitement for the discovery, took to Twitter with a simple “Whoop whoop”, sharing an article delivering the good news.

An Elon follow by the name of @nevona replied to the tweet, pondering “elon are you down with the clown”, to which Elon replied, “Yeah I like ICP.”

There you have it folks, Grime’s-partner, and the inventor of the Tesla can be found at next years Gathering Of Juggalos, slugging a Faygo, singing along this banger with his homies.

Watch Insane Clown Posse’s ‘Miracles’:

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