Evanescence drummer Will Hunt has officially responded to the rioters at Knotfest who destroyed his drum kit, calling them “amateur, weak and stupid.”

If you’re going to riot, do it right, says Evanescence drummer Will Hunt. In case you missed it,  Slipknot were set to headline Knotfest in Mexico City but were forced to cancel along with Evanescence after the barricade was broken during Behemoth’s set.

Yesterday, Slipknot and Evanescence both released statements regarding the situation.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Slipknot were not able to perform at last night’s Knotfest.

Security barricades became an issue, and it was decided that for the safety of the fans, neither Slipknot or special guests Evanescence could take the stage.” – Slipknot.

Evanescence also released a formal statement on the event.

“We are heartbroken we didn’t get to play for you tonight, México City. Your safety, your life is more important than any show! We love you and we will be back soon, that’s a promise.”

Video footage shows fans setting a drum kit owned by Evanescence on fire in the crowd after rushing the stage.

Drummer Will Hunt posted the aftermath to his Instagram, heckling the rioters who he has don’t even riot properly. 

“So, a lot of questions about this. First and foremost everyone is ok. We love Mexico and as a whole the fans are incredible. The riot that happened was a small group of morons and they WILL NOT change my love for the Mexican people or our fans in Mexico. As for the rest of it, here are my (somewhat comical) takeaways.

“1st- Do you even riot bruh?! I mean, hell, if you’re gonna do it, REALLY do it!! Burn the whole fuckin’ thing down!!! What you pack of [email protected]$ies did was weak and stupid- JUST LIKE YOU. 2nd. If you’re gonna torch my beautiful @pearl_drums kit that meant the world to me (second video), at least cook some meat or marshmallows over the fire!!”

The full post is available below in all its glory.