There are certain bands out there that are simply critic-proof. No matter what you say or how you say it, the criticisms just bounce right off the band. They’ve either been around too long, command too much respect, don’t give a stuff, or all of the above.

There are many examples of such bands, but arguably the best and most famous is AC/DC. When told that a critic had accused the band of recording 10 albums that all sound the same, guitarist Angus Young quipped, “He’s a liar. We’ve made 11 albums that all sound the same.”

It’s the best comeback Young could’ve made, because no one listens to AC/DC for variety. They listen to AC/DC to get some all-out, balls-to-the-walls rock and roll, and boy do they deliver. However, their songs may sound even more same-y than you even realised.

Paul “Neanderpaul” Marshall is a DJ at KSLX-FM, a classic rock station in Phoenix, Arizona, so playing AC/DC is pretty much his job. Having spun their records for so many years, Marshall picked up on a bit of a pattern when it comes to the way the band close out their songs.

After combing through the band’s entire discography, Marshall discovered that AC/DC have ended almost every single one of their songs the exact same way. “It took a long time to go through. I promise you, no song was repeated,” he wrote on Facebook.

“These are all the final notes of almost every AC/DC song ever recorded (very few songs in their history fade out. They were omitted). They know how to end a song, that’s for sure.” You can hear Marshall’s compilation of almost every AC/DC outro ever below.

The AC/DC supercut reminds us of the similar treatment Pharrell Williams received early last year, after an astute fan noticed that the intro to every one of his tracks, whether his own or produced for another artist, begins the exact same way.

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