Sydney collective F-POS have unveiled their debut single, ‘Classic’, a sumptuous anthem to soundtrack our farewell to summer.

F-POS is the brainchild of high school friends By some act of divine faith, the pair met whilst aimlessly wandering the school halls after Paddy had been booted from class. That afternoon, Paddy found himself in Taras’ apartment, and the seed of their musical relationship was planted.

Years later, their paths would cross again, with Paddy taking refuge on Taras’ couch. Together, the pair set up an ad hoc studio and began helming music. A month later, they had created a fully-fledged body of work.

F-POS invited Dann Hume (Amy Shark, Courtney Barnett, Troye Sivan) into the fold to produce their songs, which he preened and polished over ten days in his Los Angeles home.

F-POS, who described their music as an amalgamation of “cyborg punk, dirty clash, and Playstation rave,” approach their creative process with a collective mentality, enlisting the help of their favourite artists to help bring their vision to life.

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Their debut single ‘Classic’ is a collaboration between Trinidad-born athlete-turned-artist Goldfang and Sydney-based vocalist Moody Beach.

‘Classic’ is irresistible, self-assured debut; carried by a hard-hitting, undulating bassline, a catchy call-to-arms chorus that recalls the swooning glory of Britpop, and infectiously charming lyrics. There’s a joyous, unhinged energy that oozes through ‘Classic’ that is hard to place, but we’re leaning into it.

Check out ‘Classic’ by F-POS: