Start stocking up on Beroccas because Falls Festival has just unveiled the dates and locations for the 2019 instalment of the festival.  It’s business as usual for punters, who will have the luxury of returning to the rolling hills of Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay and Fremantle.

Lineup details have been kept under wraps. Though we reckon there’s a good chance that pop powerhouse Halsey might re-rock up. Back in May, Halsey revealed that she was cooking up some sweet Aussie tour plans.

“There are a few things I am working on at multiple different timelines in Australia,” she told Nova. “Some of them are big and national and exciting, and some of them are more local.”

When pressed on what those “big” plans entailed, Halsey simply shared “This is so big and — I can’t tell you when, and I can’t tell you what — but it’s something I’ve done before and that I’m excited to do again. But it’ll be better and bigger this time!”

Halsey made her Falls Festival debut back in 2015/2016. She’s since dominated the pop world, so it’s only fitting that she bring her anthemic-pop stylings to a headlining stage.

Dates and information below.

Watch: Halsey – ‘Nightmare’

Falls Festival 2019/2020

Early Bird registration open now, on sale 9 am Wednesday 10th July, local time.
For more information, head here. 

Saturday, 28th December — Tuesday, 31st December
Lorne, Victoria

Sunday, 29th December — Monday, 30th December
Marion Bay, Tasmania

Tuesday, 31st December — Thursday, 2nd January
Byron Bay, New South Wales

Saturday, 4th January — Sunday, 5th January
Fremantle, Western Australia