Fans have begun to speculate that Green Day have written and recorded a new album after the band teased new music on their social media platforms.

Over the weekend, the band shared a short clip of them recording music at London’s RAK studio, revealing a sneak peek at new music.

The quick clip was soundtracked by what appears to be a new song, and the year 1972 was flashed on the screen.

Fans were quick to notice that 1972 is the birth year of members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool, and were quick to flock to Twitter with theories of the trio releasing a new album next year to commemorate their 50th birthdays.

“Great way to celebrate your 50th,” one wrote.

With fans’ speculation, Green Day could possibly be releasing a new album in 2022.

See the band’s video below.

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This potential new album would be the follow-up to the band’s Father of All… released in 2020 and would mark their 14th studio album. They have already released three singles this year: ‘Here Comes the Shock’, ‘Pollyanna’, and ‘Holy Toledo!’. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong however has said that the band wasn’t entirely sure what the new music would lead to.

“Whether we do a full-length album or an EP or just a song, we have a lot of different options. It’s a matter of whenever the right moment happens,” he clarified last November. “That’s the beauty of the way you can put music out these days. You don’t have to wait for any gatekeeper to tell you that the timing is right.”

Whether the band decides to release a full studio album or an EP, fans can all agree on their excitement at the contemplation and discussion on what the band might have in store for them next year.

Check out new release ‘Holy Toledo!’ by Green Day here: