Ahead of their upcoming tour together, Brisbane’s FeelsClub have teamed up with Japan’s The Deltafish to interview each other about their respective bands.

If the name FeelsClub isn’t immediately familiar, it’s one that you’re bound to know in no time at all.

Having performed alongside Client Liaison and Confidence Man, selling out gigs at The Foundry, and playing festivals like Jungle Love, Woodford Folk Festival, and Valley Fiesta, it’s no surprise that FeelsClub are gaining a reputation as one of the most fun and exciting bands on the live scene.

Despite having only released a few singles, the group have managed to rack up some impressive numbers, and have just released their debut EP back on October 18th.

Now, the band are gearing up to hit the road, teaming up with Japan’s The Deltafish for a tour of the country, including a stop off at the Yonder Festival in Brisbane.

To celebrate their new EP and upcoming tour, we got FeelsClub and The Deltafish to have a chat, interviewing each other about their respective bands, and getting to know what they’re all about.

Check out ‘After The Fall’ by FeelsClub:

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The Deltafish Questions:

Why did you choose the name The Deltafish?

To be honest, The Deltafish doesn’t have a meaning for us. Hiroki [vocals] just said that when I asked him to name the band.

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What are your main inspirations for playing music and when would you feel like your career has “made it”?

The Strokes definitely inspired me. I wanted to play indie rock like them, so I told my bandmates and they started listening to indie rock, and I think the inspiration for us is Arctic Monkeys now.

We would like to play shows with them around the world. And I think it will be the time that I feel like I “made it!!”

What influenced the decision to sing in English rather than Japanese?

I don’t really know Japanese music so much ‘cus I had been listening to music in English, so singing in English was a natural consequence for me. And I found a vocalist who can sing in English and wanted to do it.

What are you most excited about for you time in Australia during this tour?

I can’t chose one. This tour is the first time for us for playing shows overseas so we are really looking forward to entire time here. But we are so glad to play at Yonder Festival. ‘Cus we haven’t ever played at Festival even if in Japan. We are enjoying it and all of times here!

What are some other great indie or underground Japanese bands people in Australia and around the world should know about?

Our friend band Garden Of Chicken Cokes in Kyoto is a really cool and interesting band in Japan. I’m not sure that they would go overseas, but I want people in Australia to listen to their music too.

Check out ‘Walls’ by The Deltafish:

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The FeelsClub Questions:

How did you come to know each other?

We met all at various times in our lives. Some of us went to school together but then barely spoke for years, others met at uni, and then some others we just met going out.

What’s weird is Liam went to a house party at Jonnie and MKA’s place over a year before he joined the band and had no idea who they were at the time. Brisbane is a small place so as we all moved here from even smaller towns it was sorta all just fate.

Why is the name of your band “FeelsClub”?

Well, when we first started the band we were all from other bands. Jonnie and another guy (who is no longer in the band) were just kicked out of their last band and decided to start a new one.

So all in all, we were full of “feels” and jokingly said “let’s make a club for it then”… and yeah the lame-ass name stuck haha.

When did you start this band?

We started the band early 2015 but didn’t play a single show for pretty much a full year. We spent all that time writing and rewriting tracks and making sure we had not just a solid sound but a live show and vibe down pat. Long story short, we feel that taking the extra time paid off.

How to make songs usually? By one person in the band or all of you?

The song writing process is a bit hit and miss these days.  A lot of the older songs where purely Jonnie or DJLJ writing them, but as time has gone by, all of the members put finishing touches and flavours to their parts as it goes.

We feel this new method has really shown in our debut EP but it’s the stuff we are writing at the moment that really is shaking the process up.

What’s your dream?

Our dream? I dunno I suppose it’s to make enough money to support ourselves and quit our day jobs… get the gang all Gucci haha… but aahh, nah, mostly the dream is to be able to travel the world playing our music and collaborating with other amazing artists we find and like, with a budget that truly can cover the scope of our artistic visions.

Check out ‘So Done’ by FeelsClub:

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FeelsClub After The Fall EP Tour

With Deltafish (Japan)

Thursday, November 21st
Hamilton Station, Newcastle, NSW

Saturday, November 23rd
Union Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Friday, November 29th
Yonder Festival, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, November 7th
The Esplanade, Melbourne, VIC

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