There’s never been a better time to pursue your secret dreams of starting a Minor Threat-influenced hardcore band. As more and more of us head into self-isolation, we are left desperately seeking any form of stimulation that will stop us propelling headfirst into mania. Fender is here to help us avoid going stir crazy (and to plant the seeds of our future Ian MacKaye endeavours.)

The iconic guitar manufacturers are offering free three-month subscriptions for their Fender Play platform to the first 100,000 new subscribers. The service usually costs $9.99 a month, and provides lessons in guitar, bass, and ukulele.

“We’re all going to be spending more time inside — so we might as well make some noise,” Fender shared in a statement.

“With everything happening in the world, music has the power to connect us. We want to do our part to see you through…”

We can only hope that this strange, chaotic and uncertain period births a wealth of art. To sign up for the guitar lessons, simply head to the website and sign up for your free code.

If you don’t have a seafoam green strat lying around that you begged your parents for on your fifteenth birthday because you had grand ambitions of becoming Tom Delonge, then we recommend downloading one of the free synth apps being offered by Moog and Korg.