Way before weed was legal in many countries, A-list musicians were lighting up joints on stage and sucking them down mid-performance. Now that marijuana is legal in the big smoke of L.A. many more musicians have jumped on the bandwagon and have proudly spoken about their love of the drugs.

Here are five musicians that have lit up on doobie on stage.

Miley Cyrus

Arguably one of the most famous advocates for smoking weed is wild child Miley Cyrus. A video was leaked by TMZ of the singer at 18-years-old smoking a bong with her friends. At the time she apologised “I’m not perfect…I made a mistake,” she said of the incident to Marie Claire. “I’m disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans.”

However, since the apology, Cyrus has had a very public love affair with the drug. In 2010 she took advantage of the ‘lax laws surrounding marijuana in Amsterdam and lit up something that looked a lot like blunt during her MTV EMA performance.

Cyrus later confirmed that the substance was indeed weed, “I was just walking out of my room and then I was like, ‘Oh, I have this in my bag. That will be really funny.’ And I didn’t say anything to anybody. It’s not that I think about that … and I don’t tell anyone I’m gonna do it.”

Last year Cyrus shared that she doesn’t smoke weed anymore, however her mum and dad smoke recreationally.

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“My mom, for all the weed that I don’t smoke, my mom has managed to take over the kush throne,” she said on Zach Sang: Just the Interviews Podcast.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is another fan of Amsterdam’s pro-weed laws. The pop star lit up on stage up on the European leg of her Born This Way Ball tour. Two years later she admitted she was addicted to marijuana in an interview for The Morning Show.

Lady Gaga has shared that she used to smoke 15 to 20 joints a day for chronic pain and in her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two she revealed that she smoked so much she almost gave Beyonce a panic attack.

“I don’t know, I just always feel like when I’m with her and Jay-Z, I’m always like hanging out in the corner with like nine joints hanging out of my mouth being like ‘Whaaaaat’s up?!’  and she’s like ‘You’re not a lady but why? How is this working?’”

Big Gigantic

American instrumental electronic duo Big Gigantic have made no secret of their love of the drug and actually handed out joints to the attendees of their performance at the X Games a few years back. The pair have since gone on launch their own strain of marijuana, Cookies and Dream.

Snoop Dogg

Ahh, what’s a list about celebs smoking pot without a mention of Doggy Dogg himself. Snoop is well known for taking a puff while performing his concerts and in 2013 he lit up on stage during a pre-grammy’s chat.

According to AP, Snoop was seen ‘lighting up a large, Kush-filled blunt’ and passed it to fellow rapper B.o.B, who politely declined the offer.


The pop star best known for her hit song ‘TiK ToK’ (sidenote: the namesake was clearly ahead of its time) smoked a joint on stage at the MTV Movie Awards alongside Snoop Dogg.

While the pair of superstars never officially confirmed the substance was weed, they both looked super relaxed as they took turns puffing the blunt and passing it back and forth between them.

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Check out a video of Miley Cyrus lighting up at the 2013 VMA awards: