Diplo has hit out at a fellow producer Zedd for producing a song for an M&M’s ad, which he says contains a “fake Flume drop”. The song in question was a collaboration between R&B singer Aloe Blacc and Russian-German producer Zedd covering the classic tune ‘Candyman’.

The ad itself, which you can check out below, is admittedly fairly awful and cheesy. It involves Blacc and Zedd entering a studio and offering to help the iconic Yellow and Red M&M’s mascots record a cover of the Sammy Davis Jr classic, which you probably know from Willy Wonka.

Everything’s fine up until the drop. Blacc’s vocals are crisp and powerful and Zedd’s production is fairly rousing, but Diplo has taken exception to Zedd’s choice of drop, suggesting it sounds a little too much like the producer is attempting to rip off Aussie producer Flume.

“WTF is this?” the Major Lazer chief asked on Twitter, via Music Feeds. “Fake Flume drop featuring M&M’s. It’s not okay to do this man, come on. It’s not all about the money.” Zedd took exception to being called a sell-out (as well as a rip-off artist) and promptly snapped back.

“Stop being a jealous little bitch and do us all a favor and just shut the fuck up,” Zedd wrote, to which Diplo responded, “[You’re] young and rich and a great musician. Use that to your advantage. Don’t be such a pompous cornball loser, also I fucked your girl.”

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Diplo eventually attempted to dilute the bad blood by offering a backhanded compliment to Zedd, suggesting he just wants the best for the producer whose girl he fucked. “You aren’t a bad person. I just know you can do better, that’s all. I’m praying for you,” he wrote.

As Stoney Roads notes, Deadmau5 also decided to weigh in, arguing that Diplo is the last person who should be admonishing fellow producers for selling out. “Literally hopped off Justin’s dick to say someone’s shit is about money? God DAMN I love Twitter. I do,” he wrote.

“Unless it’s a Bieber collab… Coz that’s in no way, about money. We all know Zedd’s shit sucks. But we love him.” However, one producer who hasn’t weighed in on the feud is Flume himself. Not sure how he feels about that uncanny drop, either.