Foo Fighters have been an outstanding success for the last 25 years, but the bands guitarist Chris Shiflett has told Australian Guitar Magazine they’ll need to soften their sound if they want to last another 25 years.

Thankfully, when asked about the future of the band, Shiflett’s comment to the publication seems to be tongue in cheek.

“If my ears hold up, then sure! We’re pretty loud onstage, man!” He said.

“In 25 years, we’ll all be on stools, playing ukuleles and doing ballads – but we might still be going!

“Maybe we’ll all be enclosed on a big plastic box with headphones and amp simulators.”

Should the softer side of the Foos come to fruition, the transition wouldn’t be too drastic for Shiflett who created a country-oriented side project, Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants, in 2010. However, he shared that he hasn’t yet tried to mess with Foo Fighter’s winning formula.

“I don’t really bring country-flavoured guitar ideas into the Foo Fighters. I just play a lot, y’know?

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“When the Foos aren’t working, I’m my solo thing, I’m playing in the parents’ band at my kids’ school, or I’m off doing something or other, y’know?”

Shiflett shared that he thinks both the Foo’s fans and the bands frontman Dave Grohl wouldn’t be too happy if they transitioned to a country style.

“I’d feel those cobwebs. But I never feel that anymore because I’m playing all the time now. So that’s more how my influence plays into it; it’s not so much about bringing in some of the stylistic stuff.

“Because y’know, the guys in the Foo Fighters aren’t really country music fans – I don’t think I could bring in some pedal steel riffs and start twanging away.

“I don’t think that would fly with Dave [laughs]. But yeah, it’s just about keeping your chops feeling good and your strings warm.”

Foo Fighters released their tenth studio album on February 5, 2021 and have since released a fire video clip for the track ‘No Son Of Mine’ which you can check out below.

Watch ‘No Son of Mine’ by Foo Fighters